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Welcome to The Cindy Press! Cindy is an adopted tri-coloured flat-coated border collie who set up this publisher to sell stories of unlikely friends, despicable villains, and deadly peril.


The Wonder Girls

A 1930s girl gang foils a Blackshirt plot to send orphans to Hitler in a rollicking 'girls own' historical adventure featuring unlikely friends, despicable villains, and deadly peril.

ENGLAND 1936 and the Blackshirts, British supporters of Adolf Hitler, are marching. Londoners are on the streets resisting them. In the chaos, a terrified, golden-haired girl pulls street-thief Baby from certain death. But Blackshirts overpower them and seize the girl. Baby tracks the Blackshirts to the coast where she finds to a railway carriage hidden in brambles, a gang of renegade girls and thirteen-year-old Ida, trying to protect her golden-haired little sister

'A heartwarming, life-affirming glorious read' Sue Wallman, author of Lying about Last Summer, See how They Lie, Your Turn to Die and Dead Popular published by Scholastic


J.M Carr hated writing at school, groaned every time she had to read to the teacher and used to think she didn't have an imagination. So although she's always loved stories, it took her a long time before she got round to writing any. But thanks to technology, being able to decipher her handwriting is no longer a problem, and instead of no imagination she's discovered that sometimes she has too much...

She's old enough to have worked in Woolworths, was a terrible waitress, cleaned up after old men in a council home one summer holiday, signed people on the dole in Maggie Thatcher's Britain, designed wedding invitations and sewed what seemed like miles and miles of curtains. She's also been a teacher (key stages 1 and 2) and community worker. Nowadays with making up stories, she marches, gets her street together in an annual street party, knits furiously and sews. She has four Wonder-full grown up children and lives in Southampton with Cindy the dog and her equally Wonder-full technical support. Check out her author site.